Deon Hinton

Deon is a visual artist whose work has inspired us since we started our journey in New York. Deon describes his work as visual poetry; working with stills, motion, words, and creative direction.

This first instalment in the Rituals series was shot in Deon’s apartment in Bushwick, very close to our new roastery space.

Simay Demirel

In Simay, we discovered a kindred spirit with a passion for creating communities, in our case built around memorable coffee experiences. Of course, we also share a deep admiration for the city of Paris; an almost intoxicating source of inspiration for us, full of small, independent coffee shops concealed among the meandering streets, each with their own clear and intimate character. 

In Paris we found a shared love for clean espressos and expressive coffees, and dear long term partners like I/O Café and Café Caractere.