Simay Demirel

Simay Demirel was born and raised in Istanbul, but has chosen to call Paris home.

Paris is the backdrop and the inspiration for Simay’s work. The Parisian streets, with their rich history and culture, are a bountiful source of architectural and literary influence, with considered design a defining pillar of the Parisian spirit. Through @whereiwouldliketoread, Simay has created a community around her passion; sharing dreams of places that encourage slowing down and disconnecting, an ode to the work of writers, designers and architects across the world.


We seek inspiration both within and outside our field, collaborating with talented creatives who share our drive, passion, and curiosity about various aspects of life. Each of these connections, however fleeting, has shaped how we create and share coffee experiences.

Rituals is our tribute to these connections, a virtual journal that captures the ephemeral moments where everything clicks, where a vision is sparked, and the perspective shifts. It’s a memoir in constant motion, where each new notion glints in the glow of all that came before.

With Rituals, we celebrate the people and places that inspire us, set amidst the vibrant cities that breathe life into their work.

A Shared Passion for Coffee, Community, and Parisian Charm

In Simay, we discovered a kindred spirit with a passion for creating communities, in our case built around memorable coffee experiences. Of course, we also share a deep admiration for the city of Paris; an almost intoxicating source of inspiration for us, full of small, independent coffee shops concealed among the meandering streets, each with their own clear and intimate character. 

In Paris we found a shared love for clean espressos and expressive coffees, and dear long term partners like Mathieu Meisse, founder of I/O, Caractere, and Causeries.


A curated ritual of two new coffees every month, carefully selected according to the changing seasons and concepts within the world of coffee.

We welcome you to our world, take you with us on our journey in coffee. With Rituals, we reflect on those moments where a new idea forces you to stop, to think, and to appreciate the journey. We relish these moments with the finest cups of coffee, where each sip draws us further into reflection; on coffee’s journey, on the skilled hands that adeptly shape each small lot, on terroir, varietal and the deep knowledge of processing.