We value the opportunity to engage with specialty coffee shops and hospitality businesses around the globe.

Our clients generally wish to provide their customers with a modern specialty coffee experience, along with a strong emphasis on, and appreciation of, quality raw material. Our approach towards addressing these needs, is encapsulated in our omni-roasting style.

We aim to nurture meaningful dialogue and experiences in our wholesale relationships, by emphasizing our shared values and by helping clients reach new heights. By sharing our extensive knowledge associated with sourcing, roasting, water setup and brewing coffee we aim to help clients gain an even deeper appreciation of the origins of great flavor.

For all wholesale inquires please contact us at:
wholesale@lacabra.dk or +45 29 83 04 11



World of Coffee event with Annelies

In the first week of June we are looking forward to revisiting Berlin. This wonderful city is home to some of the friendliest coffee people we know and we can’t wait to meet up again with a lot of old friends and enjoy the World of Coffee event. Our time in Berlin will also be spent with our Hannes and Sophie as they host us at Annelies for a number of social gatherings and engaging coffee events. Below is an insight into what we have planned. Please come along to join us and reach out if you’re in town to meet up.

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Partner story - Substans

Coffee plays a big role as it is how we finish the meal experience

Over the year we have had the pleasure of serving Louise & René Mammen during their visits to La Cabra in Aarhus. They are vastly experienced restaurateurs and the passionate owners of Michelin starred restaurant Substans. With René as head chef they place a heavy emphasis on taste, craftsmanship and working with the best organic local produces. This above all allows the quality of taste to speak for itself in all the food they present.

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Partner story - Acid Cafe

Bring coffee to the people so they can learn and enjoy coffee the way we do

A unique soon to be opened Madrid cafe caught our attention in late 2017 which lead to many emails and finally a proud exclusive partnership. At that time Fede Graciano was already well on the way to opening his version of a modern coffee bar in Madrid. A beautiful dialogue developed as we shared stories from our experiences with running coffee bars, the importance of building trust with customers and an unwavering focus to maintain quality in taste without compromise.

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