Supply & Support

Sign up and ordering

We are happy to support different kinds of businesses with various expectations and routines, and strive to always provide you with an accessible and effective ordering experience. The wholesale store is updated every Wednesday with our current seasonal coffees, and provides insights into each coffee on offer, as well as a simple shipping calculator.

Access to the wholesale store is provided upon request and you are invited to open an account for your business using the ‘Sign Up’ button. Existing customers can click the ‘Order’ button to access the store immediately.

Working with us

Partnerships & Consultation

Our clients generally aim to provide their customers with a modern specialty coffee experience, with a strong emphasis on quality raw material. We help you fulfil this need with our sourcing programme, our roasting style, and rigorous quality control in the roastery. You can read more about La Cabra’s unique style using the ‘Connect’ tab in the menu above.

If you wish, we can help you improve your bar setup and barista skills with our training programme. By sharing our extensive knowledge about coffee sourcing, roasting, water filtration and brewing we aim to help clients gain a deeper appreciation of flavourful coffee and to communicate more meaningfully with their customers.