Photos by Pornpanit Intapat and Teerawatch Chaowalit

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Innovative profiles from Brazil

Although Brazil is a highly efficient producer of high-quality Arabica coffees, apart from a few cases, it has failed to fully engage the needs of the speciality coffee market in terms of diversity of characterful coffees. We are interested to see this changing at a grassroots level, and thanks to the support of our partners at Ally and Nordic Approach, are excited to share two very different examples of this emergence this month.

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An exclusive ceramic series from K.H Würtz, made for our shops in Aarhus

This serie will be familiar to those of you who have visited our cafes in Aarhus; it was initially designed for use there, with its subtle contemporary aesthetic perfectly complementing our own ethos within both coffee and food. We’re proud to expand our collaboration with these highly regarded ceramic artists, and to share this new series with you.


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For a keen espresso drinker or those with hard working filter machines. Expect a curated selection of omni-roasted coffees from some of our favourite origins, changing 3-4 times per year following the changing seasons.

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Rare and bright coffees that truly express their place of origin

La Cabra is a modern coffee company born out of Denmark. We roast with the intention of revealing and enhancing the innate quality of premium raw material from across the coffee belt.

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