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Buenos Aires

This is the first time we have released a coffee from Nicaragua, a country we have been watching for some time now.

The first coffee is Buenos Aires - Natural Java (250g / 8.8oz), a softly floral cup with tropical fruit notes on a creamy chocolate base.

The second coffee is Buenos Aires - Washed Java (250g / 8.8oz) a more delicate cup, with crisp jasmine florals, fresh and mineral with a tea-like body.


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Our friend, the late Gilberto Baraona

We’re proud to present this pack of coffees from our friend, the late Gilberto Baraona. We have long admired his work in coffee, but it is only in recent years that we were able to witness the humble, sweet and genuine person he was.

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La Cabra

A unique Nordic coffee experience

La Cabra is a modern coffee roastery based out of Aarhus, Denmark. We take pride in producing and serving a unique Nordic coffee experience, by bringing out a delicate and dynamic balance in every coffee we produce.

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Skin care without compromising on quality, look, feel or effect.

grums is a Danish skin care brand, founded in 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark. grums creates high quality, sustainable skin care products made with coffee grounds from us at La Cabra.

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K.H. Würtz


Kasper and his team have created bespoke burners in order to eliminate oxygen in the kiln. This means that metal oxides in the clay are transformed to their reduced metallic state during firing, a simple and ancient method to create a beautiful and modern aesthetic.

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