Shaking things up

Brazil is a hugely efficient agricultural nation, in fact agriculture contributes 10% of the nation’s GDP, and employs over 20% of its workforce. Coffee is one of the most important pieces in this puzzle; Brazil is consistently ranked first in the world in terms of total coffee production. In 2019 Brazil harvested a total of 61.6 million bags, or 35.3% of the global total, while second-placed Vietnam produced 29 million bags or 16.6% of the global total. Even more impressive is that Vietnam produces almost exclusively high yielding Robusta, the next largest Arabica growing country was Colombia at 14.3 million bags, less than a quarter of Brazil’s total. The size of the industry leads to a slightly more financially sustainable industry here than in much of the rest of the coffee world, making Brazil a hugely interesting and diverse producer of coffees. Although it is known for one rather ‘classic’ and homogeneous chocolate and nut-driven flavour profile, many new processes, varietals and even little-known regions are beginning to shake this perception. This has taken years of work by several dedicated and talented actors in the coffee chain, and we are now starting to taste the fruits of their labours.


Masterpieces RCNAF

Daterra use a pre-fermentation to enhance strawberry and milk chocolate notes in this naturally processed Catucai.


Sitio Sao Pedro

A heavy and rich experience driven by careful fermentation, with an interesting spiced character.


Sitio Bateia

A crisp and juicy experience, a testament to the versatility of Brazil and especially the Espirito Santo region.



An unusually juicy, fruit-filled cup from the southern Minas Gerais region, produced by the Batista family.



A new arrival from the Chapadao de Ferro micro-region, farmed by the Fornaro family.

Photos by La Cabra Thailand

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Clean and delicate flavours

Carthick and Gaudam are behind some of the most exciting and innovative coffee in Rwanda. This pack showcases both their mastery of traditional Rwandan lots, and their push for new expressions. The first coffee is a traditional washed lot from the Vunga washing station in Nyabihu, with aromatic citrus and floral character. The second is an experimental anaerobic lot from the Gisheke station, rich and driven by tropical fruit and soft berries.

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An exclusive ceramic series from K.H Würtz, made for our shops in Aarhus

This serie will be familiar to those of you who have visited our cafes in Aarhus; it was initially designed for use there, with its subtle contemporary aesthetic perfectly complementing our own ethos within both coffee and food. We’re proud to expand our collaboration with these highly regarded ceramic artists, and to share this new series with you.


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Rare and bright coffees that truly express their place of origin

La Cabra is a modern coffee company born out of Denmark. We roast with the intention of revealing and enhancing the innate quality of premium raw material from across the coffee belt.

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