Espresso Brew Guide


At least 3 weeks

Around 100 ppm


9 bar

17g (0.6oz)

30-35 seconds


When brewing espresso in our shops, we have a rather simple approach. Having coffee rested for at least 3 weeks, clean water at a hardness of around 100 ppm, and a machine set to 95°C and 9 bar of pressure will help you to create balanced extractions of our omni-roasted coffees.

When roasted in this way, our coffees also have a very long shelf life. We often continue to experiment with coffees and discover more of their potential beyond 3 months from roast. We recommend a ratio of just over 2:1, our standard recipe uses 17g (0.6oz) of dry coffee to 38g (1.34oz) of espresso in the cup.

We’d like the extraction to take place in over 30 seconds and often up to around 35, but this can vary depending on many factors, including your grinder and the make up of your brewing water. Taste with a critical palate and make adjustments to your brewings.



Here we recommend resting your coffee for even longer, in our bars in Aarhus we try to use coffee that has been roasted more than 3 weeks ago for espresso. Espresso is also measured slightly differently, here we measure the ratio of dry coffee to the yield of espresso in the cup. For this we recommend placing a small set of scales under your cup as you brew, to measure the weight of espresso as it falls. When we brew our coffees, we recommend starting with a 1:2 ratio of dry coffee to espresso yield, and using the same rules as above to adjust grind size.