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This month’s subscription signals the return of Ecuadorean coffee to our line up. Juan Peña produces some of the most exciting coffees we have tasted from Ecuador, a wide variety of expressions, mainly focussed on the Typica varietal. During our visit in November 2021, we were captivated, both by the beauty of the farm, but also by Juan’s exacting approach to quality coffee production. From varietal selection, plant nutrition and disease prevention, to fermentation, drying and sorting, each step is approached with intention and dedication


The first coffee is from CafExporto’s Chito community project, the work of several small farmers surrounding the town of Chito. Their washed Typica delivers clean and floral aromatics followed by green tea and citrus in the cup.

La Papaya

The second coffee is an Anaerobic lot from Juan’s own farm, enhancing the mouthfeel and acidity of the Typica varietal, while maintaining an incredibly clean and juicy expression.

Last month’s coffees

Last month we brought back coffees from our partners, the Sagastume family in Santa Barbara, and the first releases of the year from Honduras. We had the pleasure of visiting the Country for the first time last year, meeting some of the producers we have been purchasing from for years.

The two coffees from the Sagastume family were both of the native Honduran varietal Parainema. The washed Parainema with a fresh and bright profile, with aromatic citrus and crisp redcurrant notes, whereas the honey lot showcased a more intense fruity expression with notes of red grapes and blackcurrant.

Last month

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