Partner Story


We have long thrived on opportunities that allow us to improve coffee service and the associated flavour experience in a variety of different settings and more unique environments. Therefore when conversations started with Danish design brand Bolia about coffee service in their concept stores, we were excited to find a practical and tasty solution.

Shared values

With Bolia we share a creative passion for sustainability, craft and the Scandinavian aesthetic and mindset. They offer a seasonal collection by talented designers from all over the world, much like our selection of seasonal coffees sourced from innovative producing partners across the coffee belt. They also seek opportunities to blur the lines between creativity, fashion, music, art and in this case quality sensory experiences.

The beginning

Early in 2019 we met with the Bolia team and discussed how a simple and practical approach to brewing a cup of filter coffee could bring more value to the customer experience in each store. Whilst keeping in mind the important essentials of brewing such as water quality, grind and brew recipes, we settled on an equipment set up and brew station that would be friendly to use and maintain in a busy retail store setting. Our final bar centred around brewing with a semi-automated Moccamaster, a Claris Prime filter from Everpure for optimal water, and a Wilfa SVART Uniform Grinder to grind fresh. After trialling a prototype bar at their Aarhus flagship store, we were ready to roll out the brew bar to over twenty concept stores across Europe.


The last key ingredient was sourcing a suitable organic seasonal coffee for Bolia. From our network of producing partners across the world we settled on a clean and fresh organic certified Honduran coffee, with crisp berry and rich chocolate character. Sourced exclusively for Bolia, Comicovel is from a collective of farmers in the Opalaca region, located around 1500 masl. Now armed with coffee knowledge and brew training from our team, each day Bolia employees enjoy serving this seasonal organic coffee to customers visiting their concept stores.


Partnerships & Consultation

Our clients generally aim to provide their customers with a modern specialty coffee experience, with a strong emphasis on quality raw material. We help you fulfil this need with our sourcing programme, our roasting style, and rigorous quality control in the roastery. You can read more about La Cabra’s unique style using the ‘Connect’ tab in the menu above.

If you wish, we can help you improve your bar setup and barista skills with our training programme. By sharing our extensive knowledge about coffee sourcing, roasting, water filtration and brewing we aim to help clients gain a deeper appreciation of flavourful coffee and to communicate more meaningfully with their customers.