A humble beginning

La Cabra Coffee is a modern coffee company established in Aarhus, Denmark in 2012. We started in a small shop far from the city centre, a dedicated team aiming to offer something new and exciting to Aarhus, which already had a strong and established coffee drinking culture. Quickly, this dedication to providing outstanding coffee experiences turned into obsession - with a fast growing industry that was slowly spanning the globe.

Curious about what lay further down the coffee chain, we threw ourselves into sourcing and roasting our own coffee, our own way, in 2013. Part of the advantage of growing in a small town is a relative lack of external influence, allowing us to forge an honest and novel approach to coffee. This honesty and dedication led to a reputation at home in Aarhus, where a passionate team now runs 2 coffee bars, a bakery and a roastery.

Attention also began to trickle in from further afield, and today La Cabra is a widely recognised and sought after coffee roaster, and we are proud to be working with many valued and quality driven wholesale partners to create bright and transparent coffee experiences in cities across the globe, and with dedicated home users and subscribers in more than 40 countries. We are excited to further expand our coffee horizons with different projects soon to be announced.

La Cabra

Sourcing the finest coffees

There is a constant need to travel for coffee, both to origin countries, and also to cities around the world, constantly seeking inspiration both within and outwith the coffee industry.

We are a passionate team, engaged and excited by sensory experiences in all areas, the most innovatively produced wines, clean and bright beers, thoughtfully prepared seasonal food, and of course carefully sourced and brewed coffees. Through this inspiration we have come to approach coffee with a great appreciation for our raw material. The character of a coffee cherry comes to life as a result of highly specific conditions, which require great skill on the part of the producer to create. We therefore only work with trusted partners to source our coffees, both directly with producers and with a select few devoted importing companies, but always with utmost quality in mind. We also hope to offer the freshest coffee experiences, by reflecting the seasonality of coffee harvesting as closely as possible in our offering. Just like any other fruit, as soon as it is picked and processed, the coffee’s quality will start to degrade, and the bright flavours we so enjoy will start to fade. In order to maintain our sourcing relationships, we visit origin countries several times a year, and always find it a truly humbling experience. The expertise and passion of many producers is inspiring, and only pushes us further to present their work as best as we can.

La Cabra

A simple approach to coffee

We roast with the aim to enhance the innate quality and complexity of these premium coffees, showcasing the work of the producer in the most transparent and delicious way possible. This approach requires that we pay close attention to our raw material when roasting, and that we understand the influence of varietal, terroir and processing conditions. This is a simple approach to coffee, paying attention to green coffee quality above all, and then using roasting and brewing only to highlight the coffee’s finest qualities.

Twice a week, we gather around the cupping table to assess our omni-roasting approach. We cup and score each of our profiles, constantly searching for the optimal way to present each coffee. Profiles are continually in flux, accounting for the organically changing nature of our green coffee. We make all roasting and buying decisions on the cupping table, purely focussing on the character of a specific coffee, and showcasing its most delicious and exciting aspects. We firmly believe in this coffee philosophy, and we stick to it very precisely. This method, while requiring only one roasting profile per coffee, is not necessarily easier or more convenient.


A focus on raw material

If we don’t feel that a coffee suits our style or what we like to present, we simply won’t buy it. Sometimes this leads to issues in green buying; we have to pay very close attention, to a level of green quality that will support this approach, and to how this will develop over the life of a coffee. We are required to focus heavily on the freshness of coffee, both green and roasted, to avoid introducing taints into our cups. We always use clean and fresh water, of an ideal mineral content to present the coffee in its best possible light. Once we have the correct roasting profile, water, and coffee age, the act of brewing is much more simple. A wide variance in brewing parameters can still produce delicious and transparent cups. It is also important to note that this is not always the most consistent approach. The coffee is laid completely bare, so any flaw with the raw material is clearly on show. We could often develop some coffees slightly more, to make them more approachable or easy to work with, but wavering from our philosophy like this would compromise our commitment to complete transparency in coffee.

La Cabra

Brightness in coffee

We value clean and bright cups, but when we refer to brightness, we refer not only to the clear flavour notes present in the final cup, we refer to transparency in every stage of the coffee process, from cherry to cup. We embrace innovative and dedicated producers, and strive to inform ourselves of, and share with others, every stage of what makes their work so memorable. Through this work, we often find ourselves pushing boundaries of what coffee can and should taste like, but walking this edge is where our work becomes most exciting. Sharing these truly special coffees is one of the most rewarding parts of our coffee lives.

Through all of this, we remain curious. About all stages of the coffee process, about other sensory experiences, about the future direction of our industry. We constantly seek to improve in everything that we do, and be as transparent as possible in the process.