San Florencio 250g

San Florencio 250g

Incredibly balanced microlot coffee, yet still acidic and complex

Apple, Chocolate and Cinnamon


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San Florencio

Olga Herrera is well-aware of the socio-ecological role of Finca San Florencio. She puts great focus on conservation of fauna and flora on and around the farm. Part of San Florencio’s surface is a natural forest reserve. The finca also offers job opportunities for the people of Las Barrancas village. Next to that, she offers part of the land so they can grow their own crops and make a living.

San Florencio has been in the current owner’s family since 1950, when Mr Egidio Herrera acquired it. The previous owners mainly cultivated sugar cane on the land. After Egidio’s death in 1981, his daughter Olga took over management of the farm. Due to a drop in sugar prices, she changed Finca San Florencio’s course to coffee production. Through hard work and dedication, Olga managed to steer San Florencio through difficult times caused by coffee pests and the international coffee crisis. Her focus on quality was rewarded in 2014, when she ranked 16th in Cup of Excellence.


The Central American country of Guatemala has been producing coffee since the 1850s. It has always ranked among the very best for the amount of high-grade coffee it produces, mostly only preceded by Colombia. Although the production is in decline lately, the quality reputation of Guatemala still stands strong. Almost 270,000 hectares of land are used for coffee production, feeding 4000 wet mills of coffee and putting 44,000 coffee producers to work.

Guatemala is divided into 8 coffee regions: Acatenango Valley, Antigua Coffee, Fraijanes Plateau, Highland Huehuetenango, Nuevo Oriente, Rainforest Coban, Traditional Atitlan and Volcan San Marcos. ANACAFE oversees Guatemala’s coffee industry. It is the national regulatory agency for production and export. Apart from location, Guatemala classifies its qualities according to altitude (SHB as the highest value) and number of defects.


The Farm San Florencio
Region Las Barrancas
Altitude 1600m
Varietals Bourbon/Caturra/Catuai
Process Washed
Harvest February 2017


Washed coffees focus solely on the seed. This means that the washed process is able to highlight the true character of a single origin coffee. In the wet process, the fruit covering the seeds is removed before they are dried.

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Roast lightly and gently with an utmost respect for the raw material.

Create long lasting partnerships among farmers, roasters and baristas.

Reflect sustainability, traceability and a sound production throughout the whole process.

Embrace innovation in each step from cherry to cup.

Broaden the knowledge of a new nordic coffee approach.

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