Peak Water Filter & 2x250g Coffee Subscription

Peak Water Filter & 2x250g Coffee Subscription

Get the world’s first adjustable water filter with a Discovery Coffee Subscription and save 20%


  • This month's subscription coffee (2 x 250g / 2 x 8.8oz).
  • Peak Water Starter Pack (1x Jug, 1x Filter, 2x Test strips).

After your first shipment your Discovery subscription will continue at the price of Kr. 249,00/month

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Water for Coffee

We have long tried to emphasise the importance of high quality brewing water when brewing our coffees, or any coffee for that matter. Water makes up more than 98% of a filter coffee, and around 90% of an espresso, so the water chosen makes a huge difference to all aspects of the final character of the brew. Not only this, but the balance and level of the water’s mineral content makes a huge difference to what characteristics we are able to extract from a given coffee. Dissolved minerals in water exist as charged ions, which help us to bind to the flavour compounds that lead to the most exciting and involving cups. But balance of each is important, too much of one type of ion, and we can end up with a sharp and sour cup, too much of another, and the coffee is flat, dull and lifeless.

Professional level filtration for the home

In any serious cafe, you’ll find a filtration system that forces water through various chambers and resins in order to reduce the hardness, both to protect equipment from scale and to enhance the taste of coffee. The hardness of the water sent to the machine can then be controlled using a bypass; mixing the some tap water back into the softened filtered water, allowing control over the flavour characteristics extracted in the final cup. The Everpure systems we use in our cafes accomplish this perfectly, but they’re also very complex, expensive and unsuitable for most home use environments.

Adjustable bypass system

For the first time, Peak Water’s groundbreaking new adjustable filter allows you to customise your water for coffee at home without an expensive commercial system. Peak uses an innovative disc filter, combining precisely calculated flow dynamics with a system they have dubbed the ‘filter maze’. The maze ensures that the water flows through the filter in a specific way every time, allowing the specific ion-exchange resins to control and manipulate mineral content consistently. The focus is on controlling the level of bicarbonate, the variable with the greatest impact on a coffee’s cup quality, while balancing the water’s pH level and creating a mineral makeup with great brewing in mind. With each Peak starter pack you will receive a testing kit that measures the level of bicarbonate in your source water, used to suggest an initial bypass setting for the jug. Here in Copenhagen, the tap water is very high in bicarbonate, so the strip suggested the lowest possible bypass setting, but we have seen success at several settings, experimenting with creating different hardnesses of water, unveiling different characteristics in the final cup, especially in espresso.

A sustainable water system

With each purchase of Peak Water, the team behind the project will donate a percentage to Project Waterfall, a charity dedicated to providing clean drinking water to coffee producing areas in the developing world. The Peak is also a far better solution than buying bottled water for coffee brewing, cutting down on both plastic waste and cost. Finally, the Peak team are also working on a filter recycling programme, where you can return your used filter discs to be cleaned, recharged and placed back into circulation.


We have been following the development of this project carefully since our early conversations about water with Maxwell and the team behind Peak. We share a goal of translating coffee experiences in the most transparent and delicious way possible, and agree that water is one of the most important factors in this. We have been testing one of the final Peak prototypes with very hard Copenhagen tap water for some time now, and have been very impressed by the results we have tasted. We’re more than excited to finally share Peak Water with you, and believe it can truly be a game changer for those brewing coffee at home.

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