A fresh orange acidity is balanced by a heavy honey sweetness and some tropical notes of melon, enhanced by fermentation.

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Orlando Sanchez

Orlando Sanchez grows coffee in the Huila region of Colombia. Huila is a slightly more difficult region to work in for La REB. Coffee is actually rather new here compared to much of Colombia, so the soils are in better condition, and many smaller and newer producers are more agile when it comes to embracing new processing techniques and varietals. This also means the producers are more used to the world of speciality coffee, shopping around for the exporter willing to pay the best price and not necessarily creating long term relationships. There is also an established clean washed Huila profile, so many exporters will avoid experimental fermentations like those favoured by La REB. La REB have sought out these producers; left to the side by many traditional exporters, and willing to create long term relationships with the collective. Orlando Sanchez is one of these. He grows the disease resistant Tabi varietal, known for maintaining much of the complexity and quality of its 100% Arabica cousins. Orlando also uses a double fermentation here, with a pre-fermentation in-cherry before depulping and traditional washing. The crispness of the Tabi varietal shows through in the fresh orange acidity, but the double fermentation pulls out a heavier honey sweetness, and some tropical notes of melon.


La Real Expedición Botánica

La REB are a collective of coffee growers, who through their combined volume, are able to take care of their own quality control and management, and also their own export-import. The goal of the organisation is then to attempt to create relationships between the producers within the collective structure, and roasters willing to make long term commitments to pay a fair price for their high quality coffees. La REB provide us with a very high level of transparency, right down to the farm gate prices transferred from roasters like us to the producers for their unmilled parchment coffee. Through their experimentation with fermentation and varietal throughout varied terroir across Colombia, these producers have created some memorable taste experiences.

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Producer Orlando Sanchez
Region Huila
Altitude 1700 masl
Varietal Tabi
Process Washed
Harvest Feb ‘19


The washed process involves completely removing both the cherry and the mucilage from the outside of the parchment with the use of friction, fermentation and water. After being harvested, the coffee cherry is then sliced open by either a metal or a sharp plastic blade. The two seeds (also known as beans) are pushed out of the cherry, which leaves the seed with mucilage as their outermost layer. It is essential in the washed process that all mucilage is removed from the seed which leaves only the flavor that developed in the cell structure of the seed prior to processing.

La Cabra

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