Monteblanco 250g

Monteblanco 250g

Pink Bourbon, sweet with a touch of grapefruit bitterness

Tangerine, Honey and Pink Grapefruit


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Pink Grapefruit


Coffee grower Rodrigo Sanchez has spent half his life in specialty coffee. Like many farmers in the past, he would work the soil and process his green coffee, without a proper understanding of what buyers wanted. That all changed in 2002 when he took advantage of a local opportunity for sons of farmers to learn to cup coffees. From then on Rodrigo, along with his father and grandfather, started to pick farming techniques with a view towards improving cup profile.

As with all truly excellent specialty coffee operations, consistent quality became a central theme at the farm. Rodrigo noticed that many farms would manage to win cupping competitions one year, and never again to succeed despite continuing the same practices. When Rodrigo looked closely at these farms he found that many of them produced several distinct varietals beyond the five major ones generally found across small-scale coffee operations in Colombia. This marked the beginning of his endeavours to separate Pink Bourbon lots from the rest of his production.

Looking at the history of the region, Rodrigo and his grandfather concluded that there had been a few incidents in the past, which led to diversification in coffee varietals. One of these was when his grandfather bought new seedlings in the early 1980’s during a coffee leaf-rust (fungus) outbreak, to replace a portion of the farm’s trees. The likely origin of these seeds was an experimental farm that operated in the 1950’s-1960’s with over 500 varieties. Having isolated the so-called Pink Bourbon varietal on the family farm, Rodrigo proceeded to plant three out of the 18 hectares with it.

Huila, Colombia

One of several coffee growing regions in Colombia, Huila is perhaps the country’s best-known producing region. Farms are predominately smallholder owned and over the past ten years have made concerted efforts to produce specialty coffee that reveals the full character of the region’s terroir. Growing conditions near the municipality of San Agustin benefit from a location near humid and subtropical forests, which make coffees from here aromatically complex with citrus, caramel, green apple and honey notes. Selective manual harvesting, better processing, and careful post-harvest sorting all contribute to increasing recognition of the region’s high quality production.

Like many other regions in Colombia, life in Huila was severely affected by widespread violence, which plagued Colombia between the 1990s and the early 2000s. In 2010 the Colombian government initiated a support programme for farmers who had been displaced following military confrontations. A central aim was to ensure that land would be returned to its rightful owners and to provide these people with the resources to restart agricultural production. In some cases this has also meant that growers have been provided with the means to move from commercial to specialty grade coffee production, which reaps a considerably higher market price.


Producer Rodrigo Sanchez
Region Huila
Altitude 1730 masl
Varietals Pink Bourbon
Process Washed
Price We have paid 363% above the market price for this coffee ($6,95/lb FOB)
Harvest September 2017


This lot of 100% Pink Bourbon cherries has been fully washed and fermented between 28-32 hours.

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