Las Palmas 250g

Las Palmas 250g

Blueberry vanilla cream with a mouthfeel to match

Blueberry, Cream and Vanilla


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The Farm

La Palma y El Tucan's farm operation is located in Cundinamarca department, a few hours' drive from Bogota. The project includes a small farm with exotic varietals, and a central wet mill operation to process cherry from around 100 small farmers. Last year we spent nearly four months at the farm, in part visiting and documenting the lives of farmers in the Neighbors and Crops program. The program creates value for small farmers by focusing on the importance of fermentation, as a means to develop complex flavors and surprising mouthfeel. This coffee was fermented for upwards of 90 hours to develop a distinct lactic mouthfeel and unique flavor profile.

Cundinamarca, Colombia

One of several coffee growing regions in Colombia, Cundinamarca produces coffees that benefit from a location in the eastern range of the Colombian Andes. Characteristics such as mild weather, plenty of rainfall and relatively good infrastructure all benefit the coffee farmers here. However, numerous challenges from increasing land prices, urbanization, and the high average age of farmers mean that those who continue to grow coffee must reconsider how their revenue stream is composed. For many this means moving from commercial to specialty grade production, which reaps a considerably higher market price.


Wetmill LPET
Region Cundinamarca
Altitude 1800 masl
Varietals Caturra, Catuai & Colombia
Process Lactic
Harvest Juli 2017


This process attempts to achieve a higher concentration of lactic acid bacteria during fermentation, by focusing on anaerobic methods. The lactic acid bacteria produced is a result of the mucilage’s carbohydrate fermentation, which in turn contributes to the organoleptic profile of the resulting cup. The intended profile is an intense, very sweet, chocolaty and buttery coffee with winey acidity and a velvety body that results from the higher lactic acid content present in the cup.

Brew guide

You can brew our coffees any way you want it
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At La Cabra Coffee we work to:

Showcase the purest, cleanest and finest coffees we can get our hands on.

Promulgate the wisdom on varieties, terroir and processing.

Reflect the changing of the seasons in the coffees that we present.

Release and reveal the innate quality of each unique coffee.

Roast lightly and gently with an utmost respect for the raw material.

Create long lasting partnerships among farmers, roasters and baristas.

Reflect sustainability, traceability and a sound production throughout the whole process.

Embrace innovation in each step from cherry to cup.

Broaden the knowledge of a new nordic coffee approach.

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