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Don Domingo

A crisp apple acidity is balanced with a heavy caramel sweetness, followed by a long sweet finish with notes of pecan.

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Jose Lopez Domingo

Jose Lopez Domingo’s farm, Buena Vista, is named for the beautiful view from the farm, owing to its position high on a mountainside above the town of Petatan. The farm is located close to the Mexican border, a short 24 km from Ana Ramirez, just the other side of the mountain peak. There are however a few differences in the way the two farmers produce coffee. Jose is a first generation farmer with no previous experience in coffee, so when he made the connection with our partners at Primavera and began to aim for quality, he threw himself headfirst into the production of high quality coffee with no preconceptions. He has found a passion for innovation and improvement in his crop, and is working on this in several ways. This year he took three passes of his entire 10 hectares to make sure that only the ripest cherries made it into the wet mill. He is also careful to depulp the cherries and start fermentation on the same day as picking, as he believes this gives him more control over the pace of fermentation. Like at Ana Ramirez’s farm, the high altitude and humidity means this fermentation can be very long, often the mucilage will take over 40 hours to break down fully before it can be washed away. Jose sees lots of potential for the future, and is looking for ways to continue to innovate in his production along with his wife, but is also acutely aware of his responsibilities as a business owner in this remote and still rather poor area. He has been able not only to provide a better life for his family, but also to provide employment opportunities to those locals who really need it. Jose is also keen to preserve as much of the natural environment on his farm as possible, coffee is not planted very intensively and he minimises his use of fertilisers and pesticides as much as possible. This a very crisp interpretation of Guatemala, with an apple character followed by intense sweetness enhanced by the long fermentation.


Huehuetenango is located in the north-western highlands of Guatemala, and borders with Mexico. It is home to the highest altitudes in all of Central America, due to the presence of the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes mountain range, which peaks at 3837 masl. This creates lots of high altitude land to grow high-quality coffee, an important crop in an area where agriculture is the largest industry. A dry hot wind also blows in from the Tehuantepec plain in Mexico to the north, which protects crops from frost, allowing coffee to grow even higher up the slopes, often above 2000 masl. These high altitudes also lead to very beautiful scenery, something the area is known for, but also to a remoteness not found elsewhere in Guatemala. 9 different ancient Mayan dialects are still spoken here, and the region is home to some of the best preserved examples of Mayan architecture. The remoteness also makes sourcing coffee a challenge here, the journey to farms often takes days over unforgiving terrain, and would-be coffee buyers require knowledge of the local dialects, or an experienced guide. We have visited our Guatemalan partners Primavera for the past two years, and have been stunned by the beauty of both the coffees they have been sourcing, and of this captivating region.


Producer Jose Lopez Domingo
Region Huehuetenango
Altitude 1700 masl
Varietal Bourbon, Caturra
Process Washed
Harvest February to April 2019


The washed process involves completely removing both the cherry and the mucilage from the outside of the parchment with the use of friction, fermentation and water. After being harvested, the coffee cherry is then sliced open by either a metal or a sharp plastic blade. The two seeds (also known as beans) are pushed out of the cherry, which leaves the seed with mucilage as their outermost layer. It is essential in the washed process that all mucilage is removed from the seed which leaves only the flavor that developed in the cell structure of the seed prior to processing.

La Cabra

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