Partner Story


Sonny is your quintessential Copenhagen cafe by David and Sara; a modern hybrid coffee bar & eatery in the heart of the city. Located just off the main shopping street in a historic quarter of town, Sonny attracts a steady flow of tourists, but most of all serves as a second home to many loyal Copenhageners, who eventually become friends of the house.


Born and bred in Copenhagen, David serves as your local charismatic barista. Alongside his mix of wit, street smarts, natural charm as a host and an astute sense of taste behind the bar, David is also ambitious and dreaming big on how to grow Sonny. He began working in restaurants at the age of 15, followed by some years in Paris; taking inspiration from the culinary scene and encountering specialty coffee for the first time while working for Coutume. David later returned to Copenhagen, quickly taking on greater responsibility managing esteemed restaurants around town. Armed with this knowledge and experience, he’s now guiding the direction of Sonny and the experiences he wants to offer.


Sara brings her vast creativity and initiative to influence and define the food and eatery aspect of Sonny. In a graceful and no nonsense fashion, Sara will often be found hard at work within the newly complete kitchen in Sonny Times, busy preparing each dish on the menu, adjusting and perfecting recipes of homemade cake and bread, or experimenting with ideas for new menu additions. After six years studying social science at university and many more sharpening her culinary skills at home, Sara provides the perfect mix of intuitiveness and honesty to the Sonny kitchen. Sara’s hard work can be witnessed in the ever-changing menu of breakfast and lunch dishes reflecting the seasons and utilising organic local produce.

Photo by: Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann


Sonny has grown a strong local reputation and served the community since January 2017. Together David and Sara have equally influenced the character and journey of Sonny, complimenting and challenging each other to keep the experience honest and quality- focussed. In the coffee bar, David draws upon his experience working as a barista with Coutume and his background as a sommelier. We first shared our coffees with David at the cupping table, and immediately found a shared appreciation in taste and bright coffees. Our relationship was grown from here, built upon honest conversation about taste and a shared pursuit to serve the best possible coffee at Sonny. One of the main facets of this was finding the ideal water management system to handle the hard local water in Copenhagen; in this case an Everpure Conserv 75 R/O system. We have shared countless brewing guides and recipes, and even sourced an exclusive lot to act as a seasonal house coffee for Sonny. More recently we have began sharing recipes for a newly implemented hand brew menu featuring of our most rare or limited lots. Being a part of the journey and experience of Sonny has been inspiring for us at La Cabra, especially the coffee element.

We feel a sense of pride when suggesting Sonny as the first stop to those seeking out our coffees around Copenhagen. Our seasonal coffees are right at home alongside delicious homemade seasonal food and vibrant social energy buzzing around Sonny. Ambition and plans to grow the concept culminated with the opening of ‘Sonny Times’. Upon acquiring the space next door, David and Sara meticulously began planning a new kitchen and private dining and meeting space. Sonny Times opened in June providing a space for Sara to further showcasing her cooking skills whilst offering their guests a unique space to host meetings and events in an intimate and well appointed setting.


Partnerships & Consultation

Our clients generally aim to provide their customers with a modern specialty coffee experience, with a strong emphasis on quality raw material. We help you fulfil this need with our sourcing programme, our roasting style, and rigorous quality control in the roastery. You can read more about La Cabra’s unique style using the ‘Connect’ tab in the menu above.

If you wish, we can help you improve your bar setup and barista skills with our training programme. By sharing our extensive knowledge about coffee sourcing, roasting, water filtration and brewing we aim to help clients gain a deeper appreciation of flavourful coffee and to communicate more meaningfully with their customers.