Brightness in coffee

At La Cabra Coffee we look for Brightness in coffee, by which we refer to the taste of the final cup and the entirety of the sensory experience that accompanies it. This approach requires that we pay close attention to our raw material and that we understand how varietal, terroir and processing conditions influence the taste profile.

When we talk about Brightness in coffee what we mean is therefore not only the tasting notes at the end, but rather transparency in the full chain of experiences that link grower, picker, processor, roaster and barista. We strive to inform ourselves and to tell others about the origins of our coffees and to purchase raw beans with a potential for clean, acidic and complex aromas and flavours.

Barista training and attention to brewing techniques are elements that are equally important to the enjoyment of the final cup of coffee and we believe that a coffee should emanate with bright notes, a balance between acidity and sweetness, and a respect for its unique terroir and processing conditions expressed through light roasts that help reveal natural aromas and flavours.