Office & Workspace Coffee

In many workplaces, lots of people don’t get to enjoy the same quality tasty coffee they brew at home or enjoy at their local coffee shop. They drink instant or pre-ground coffee at their desk or during meetings.

We offer simple solutions for brewing coffee in an office or workplace environment. These combine freshly roasted coffee and good deals on equipment in efficient coffee brewing set-ups. Our set-ups make it easy for anyone in your office to brew good quality coffee, and to clean and maintain equipment. Everyone can begin to explore and appreciate better quality and sustainable coffee at work starting now.

Curious to learn more? If you want to arrange a coffee tasting and potentially start brewing our coffees in your office get in touch with our team on: or +45 29 83 04 11

First option - Coffee Supply

6 kg Seasonal Coffee

Kr. 1134.00

Save 500 DKK

Second option - Set Up Package

Grinder + Moccamaster

Kr. 3700.00

For more information contact us at: or +45 29 83 04 11

Brewings Guides

For Moccamaster and French Press

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How do we request and order coffee?

We can agree on a monthly shipment of coffee tailored to your specific office needs or you can to order via our online wholesale store. Contact us via email to discuss further.

What are the options for delivery?

Local shipments within Denmark are completed via bicycle courier. All orders within EU and abroad are completed with DHL courier service.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We also roast and send fresh coffee. Therefore agree monthly order will arrive by the 4th or 5th of each month. If you order online from our wholesale store it will take approximate 3 to 4 days within Denmark. All orders for Europe or outside the EU will take approximately 6 to 7 days business days.

What do we do if equipment is broken or not working?

We can efficiently help with providing support or replacements to equipment that is broken under specific warranty guarantees.

How do we have a water filter installed?

In Denmark we arrange for the equipment to be sent to your location. Then we can recommend and arrange for a plumber to install the filter to your existing set up. These costs will be provided in a quote and invoiced after completion.

How can we learn more about your coffee and brewing?

We are happy to arrange a tasting session with your workplace. This can take place at your office or workplace or at our roastery. Please contact us to discuss and arrange further.