Name: Juuso
Age: 37
Country and region: Helsinki, Finland
Occupation: Holds a commercial position in food industry (Strategy & R&D)
Instagram: @Coffeeconnected


Modern-day meditation

Specialty coffee is like modern-day meditation for me. Overall it’s quality over quantity. Doing a pour over helps to slow down after a busy work day. Specialty coffee also crowns special dinners cooked at home. I’ve often combined subscription coffees with nature walks, travelling and holidays. Enjoying great coffee poured with a nice view adds great memories.

My brewing method

I pour my coffees mainly with V60 and kalita, depending on the type of the coffee and preferred cup characteristics. We are used to very light-roasted, fruity coffees with high acidity in the Nordics. I feel like V60 fits these preferences the best. If the coffee offers a rich full body, I might give a try with the Japanese Kōno Meimon dripper. Whatever the chosen method is, the subscription coffees should be brewed with no hurry, being present with a good focus.

Coffee Subscription

Two Unique Coffees Every Month

La Cabra is a modern coffee roastery based out of Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. Every month we ship out two unique coffee experiences and provide insight into how these coffees were grown and processed by talented producers.

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