Our friend, the late Gilberto Baraona

We’re proud to present this pack of coffees from our friend, the late Gilberto Baraona. We have long admired his work in coffee, but it is only in recent years that we were able to witness the humble, sweet and genuine person he was. Gilberto always made sure that we felt very welcome at Los Pirineos, and was equally as excited to share new experiments in coffee as he was to share conversation over the dinner table. We last visited in March, where we caught up and made our picks from this year’s harvest, before spending a day walking the farm with Gilberto.

We were deeply saddened to learn of his passing in June, but his legacy speaks through the tremendous work he has done for El Salvadorian coffee. Gilberto was committed to excellence and always strived to push the industry further, and this is obvious in the quality of the coffees his farm has and will continue to produce. This pack consists of three processes of the Pacamara varietal, experiments that Gilberto has been working on for some time.


El Salvador

Los Pirineos, Semi-Carbonic Maceration

A unique sorting of Pacamara brings an intense mouthfeel and sweetness, with fresh tangerine and round apricot set on a base of rich brown sugar .

Kr. 149,00
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El Salvador

Los Pirineos, Yeast Fermentation

A long fermentation softens the cup, with round vanilla-like florals and fresh notes of orange on a sweet sugar cane base.

Kr. 129,00

El Salvador

Los Pirineos, Honey


Floral aromas of chamomile give way to a soft and delicately balanced cup, with notes of round nectarine and a rich caramel sweetness.

Kr. 129,00

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3 x 250g Bundle

Los Pirineos

Produced in El Salvador by legendary coffee grower, the late Gilberto Baraona.

1st: Los Pirineos, Semi-Carbonic Maceration

Look for: Tangerine, Apricot and Brown Sugar

2nd: Los Pirineos, Yeast Fermentation

Look for: Vanilla, Orange and Sugar Cane

3th: Los Pirineos, Honey

Look for: Strawberry, Tangerine and Chocolate

Kr. 365,00

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