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Iconic Altos

11th of November

Costa Rica

Altos Honey

A crisp honey processed coffee from Mauricio Vindas, tea-like with fresh lemon flavours.

Kr. 126,00

Costa Rica

Altos Natural

The iconic coffee from Mauricio Vindas, characterised by its distinct blueberry notes.

Kr. 129,00

7 Coffees from Iconic Altos

We are proud of our relationship with Mauricio Vindas in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Over the past few years we have begun to be involved in experimentation with processing and varietals at Mauricio’s farm Altos del Abejonal.

The hard work and dedication shown by Mauricio at every stage of coffee production is obvious in the cup, and we are proud to showcase his work to so many of those who truly appreciate it. Read more about Mauricio in our October subscription blog post:

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Costa Rica

Altos Typic

A crisp and sweet honey processed coffee from Mauricio Vindas, floral with fresh blueberry flavours.

Kr. 159,00

Costa Rica

Altos Semi Carbonic

The semi-carbonic process of this Typica reveals flavours of pineapple, chocolate, and blueberry.

Kr. 189,00

Costa Rica

Altos Bourbon

A round and sweet honey processed coffee from Mauricio Vindas, syrupy with fresh lemon flavours.

Kr. 129,00

Costa Rica

Altos Villa Sarchi

A clean and soft fruit driven washed coffee from Mauricio Vindas, with a sugary sweetness and berry notes.

Kr. 129,00


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Varietal bundle

The varietal bundle showcases how different varietals perform in the Altos terroir, allowing us to clearly taste their varietal character. 2nd here should say Altos Catuai if possible, makes more sense.

1st: Altos Bourbon / Costa Rica

Lemon, Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut

2nd: Altos Honey / Costa Rica

Lemon, Black Tea and Hazelnut

3th: Altos Typic / Costa Rica

Violet, Blueberry and Hazelnut

Kr. 352,00

Kr. 414,00

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