French-Press Brew Guide


French-Press, Scale, Timer, Grinder, Pitcher

Brew Time:
4:00 min

Water (purified water at 93C/200F):
Small: 330g (11.50oz)
Medium : 600g (21.10oz)
Large : 960g (33.80oz)

Small: 24g (0.85oz)
Medium: 36g (1.27oz)
Large: 56g (2.0oz)


  1. Pre-heat you espro with hot water. Plunge a couple of times to extra clean the filter.

  2. Grind your coffee to a slightly coarser than a aeropress setting.

  3. Empty the Espro and add the coffee.

  4. Tare your scale, start you time and the hot water to the coffee, place filter.

  5. You should be at 30 seconds now, leave to extract for 3:30 min

  6. At 4 min plunge filter slowly.



Here, hot water and coffee sit together in a chamber for a certain period before being separated, possibly by a filter. Popular methods here are the French Press, Aeropress, and cupping. Here we would recommend a slightly higher starting ratio of approximately 75 g of dry coffee per litre of water. Here you are in control of both contact time and grind size, so either start with a finer grind and a shorter contact time of approximately 1 minute, popular with Aeropress, or a coarser grind and a longer contact time, around 4 minutes, popular with French Press and cupping. Either combination, and anything in between, can yield clean and balanced results, and can often show off slightly different facets of a coffee’s character, so experimenting is recommended.