Coffee course

Espresso course

Over the years of serving modern coffee in our home city, our barista team in Aarhus has built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise within the world of coffee. One of our great passions at La Cabra is to share this experience in a meaningful way; communicating how an alignment of terroir, varietal and process leads to characterful coffees, and how best to unlock this character in the cup. Our Coffee Schools provide us with an opportunity to take a break from the busy café environment together, and turning evenings into inspiring conversations about the world of coffee, and leaving you better prepared to get the most out of your coffee experience at home.

  • The event will be held in our café in Graven in Aarhus
  • The event will take around 2 hours
  • Start time: 19:15
  • The event will be in english
  • Minimum participants: 2
  • Maximum participants: 6

Kr. 499,00

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Opens up a checkout flow at our partner "Du Glemmer Det Aldrig"

This event is focussed on improving your espresso brewing at home as well as steaming creamy milk for espresso-based milk drinks. You don’t need to have an espresso machine at home to participate. We start with a brief introduction to our approach to sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee, before moving on to a tasting of several coffees. Here we explain the story behind each coffee and demystify the language used to describe them, so you can always choose the right one for you. Afterwards we move over to the espresso machine, to take participants through the vital steps of preparing an espresso shot – grinding, distributing, tamping and brewing. We give guidance on how to get the best out of your equipment and coffee, and how you taste different espressos together in order to illustrate how different variables affect the final result. There is always time to talk about each participant’s specific setup at home, as well as practicing steaming milk and pouring latte art.