Ensemble tasting

We’re looking forward to joining SCA’s EXPO again this year, this time in Chicago. We will have a booth at the event, offering curated tastings of highlights from our lineup of seasonal coffees. 

We invite you to join us for a long form tasting where we take time to delve deeper into each coffee, alongside considered cacao pairings. 

Head to stand 1960 to meet our team in Chicago.

Date: April 11th - 13th 
Time: 9 AM - 6 PM
Price: $18 pr. person

Sharing our experience

Inspired by experiences on our travels in coffee, both at origin and in cities around the world, we take an opportunity to slow down, to appreciate the coffees we value most right now. Sharing this kind of long form experience is truly rewarding, allowing us time to communicate the incredible work that goes into producing some of the finest coffees we can get our hands on. 

La Cabra at Chicago Expo

For Chicago EXPO, we aim to showcase the work of close partners to our industry peers, alongside a look at a new addition to our cacao programme. Each course in the tasting is accompanied by a chocolate serving, developed to highlight and elevate each coffee.

We open for the opportunity to discuss and dissect our approach, diving deeper into the layers of sourcing, roasting and brewing that shape each element of our coffee menu.

We hope you’ll slow down with us in Chicago.