Costa Rica

Welcome to a showcase of Brightness in Coffee.

This month Costa Rica is taking over our webshop. We have long been fascinated by the diversity and pure deliciousness of the coffees that can be found in this beautiful country, which is why we return every year, searching for the jewels of the harvest, visiting friends and valued partners. By returning and continuing to buy coffees from the same producers every year, we have built up a level of trust, allowing us access to their finest lots, and to participate in their experimentation. As this year’s harvest begins to trickle into the roastery, we are excited to showcase several highlights over the coming weeks.

Read more about micro mills in Costa Rica and our relationships in the country on our blog

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Process Box 3 x 50g

A showcase of Mauricio Vindas’ talent for coffee processing.

149,00 DKK

(€ 19.00 / $ 23.00)

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Variety box 3 x 50g

Exploring the diversity of Costa Rican terroir through varietal.

139,00 DKK

(€ 18.60 / $ 21.50)

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Vibrant citric acidity in a complex interpretation of terroir in Costa Rica.

159,00 DKK

(€ 21.30 / $ 24.60)

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A sweet, grape quality combines with crisp, white florals in this lovely selection from Finca El Quizarra

139,00 DKK

(€ 18.60 / $ 21.50)

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Santa Rosa

A fully washed coffee from the west valley showcases a complex cherry-like acidity.

109,00 DKK

(€ 14.60 / $ 17.00)

Launching 10th of December

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Gatomboya AA & Granitos De Ortiz

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