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CoffeeScore provides a quick and simple format to document and record information related to a coffee and your flavour experience. We invite you to share your experience with us and the coffee community around the world.

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What is CoffeeScore

One of the many joys and challenges of speciality coffee is talking about what’s in the cup, and sharing that experience with others. Sometimes starting that conversation can be difficult, especially across different experience levels and international borders.

We are looking for a conversation starter for everyone, a simple way of portraying what you think, and from that point, we can add complexity to the conversation. We call it #CoffeeScore, an Instagram #(hashtag) and independent channel (@coffeescore).

Fill out the card to the extent you can and share it with #coffeescore. Remember also to # the name of the coffee, roastery and farm so others can find, compare and get inspired.


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@coffeescore | #coffeescore


Assessing coffee

Everyone can appreciate a delicious coffee, but building knowledge and experience of the different components that make up the flavour experience can help us appreciate a great cup even more.

How we talk about coffee


A basic cup of coffee.


An easily likeable coffee.


Clearly differentiable from other coffees.


A coffee that leaves a clearly positive impression.


An unforgettable coffee.


What to taste for


Aroma can be described simply as the smell of a coffee. This provides a huge part of the flavour experience, and is the first thing you’ll experience as you begin to brew a cup. You can also perceive aroma when the coffee is in your mouth, as aromas pass to the back of the nose.


Flavour describes the combined gustatory (taste) and olfactory (aroma) experience of a coffee. This category describes the mid-range of the coffee, after the coffee is first sipped, but before it is swallowed. A positive, balanced and complex experience will perform well in this category


This is the effect left behind in the mouth after the coffee is swallowed. Does the aftertaste add to the overall experience? Is is lingering and sweet, or short, drying and unpleasant?


Acidity is very important in coffee. At its best, it can provide brightness to a cup, bringing fresh and fruity flavours, at its worst it can become sour and unpleasant.


Body is also often described as mouthfeel, look out for coffees that are round and heavy, something more delicate and light, or maybe rich and creamy. Each can be positive, just look out for what you find delicious.


This is the balance of the gustatory (taste) components of the coffee, those that can perceived by the tongue. These are sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami. In coffee, we focus on the balance between sweet, sour, and bitter. Through the balance category we can describe how well a coffee’s sweetness, acidity and body combine and harmonise.


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Share, Compare and get inspiration at:

@coffeescore | #coffeescore