Name: Jonathan Rawson
Age: 28
Country and region: USA, Portland
Occupation: Painter
Instagram: @jonathanrawson


Daily meditative practice

Brewing coffee is the first thing that I do every morning. The brewing process functions as a daily meditative practice that helps me to center myself and reminds me to appreciate the simple and harmonious aspects of life. My wife, Kaela, and I always share our coffee in bed reading or simply laying in silence with the windows open.

My brewing method

I have always preferred brewing with the Kalita Wave. I feel like the flat bottom brewing geometry allows you to bring out more nuanced flavors. My brewing method was adopted from a respected roaster here in the US. It starts with a 25g dose to 390 grams of water at 94°C. After a 65g bloom for 30 seconds, I pulse by adding 65g of water in 15 seconds, followed by a waiting period of 15 seconds (i.e. 0:30-0:45 pour 65g, 0:45-1:00 wait, 1:00-1:15 pour 65g, etc). My total brew time is between 3:30 and 3:50.

Coffee Subscription

Two Unique Coffees Every Month

La Cabra is a modern coffee roastery based out of Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. Every month we ship out two unique coffee experiences and provide insight into how these coffees were grown and processed by talented producers.

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