V60 Dripper - Wood

V60 Dripper - Wood

Creating crisp and clean cups of coffee

  • Quality heatproof glass
  • Practical capacity of 2-4 cups
  • Beautifully-grained olive wood
  • Made in Japan
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Hario V60

The famous 60 degrees

The classic Hario V60 dripper has unique spirals on the interior of the cup, allowing extra air flow through the thin filter papers leading to a crisper, cleaner coffee finish.

V60 Brew Guide


Hario V60, Paper filter, Scale, Timer, Grinder, Pitcher

Brew Time:
3:30 min

210g (7.40oz) purified water at 96C (205F)

14,5g (0.51oz)


Put the paper in your V60 and give it a good rinse with hot water. It removes all paper taste and preheat the equipment.

Remove the rinsing water.

Grind your coffee beans to a medium grind setting. Add the coffee, tare your scale, start your timer.

Pour 60g (2.12oz) water to create the bloom. At 45 secs: pour in 55g (1.94oz) water. At 1:30 seconds: pour 55g (1.94oz) water and at 2:15 add the last 40g (1.41oz).

The water should have drained trough at 3:30.