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La Cabra

Steeped Bundle Rare

Steeped Bundle Rare

Experience picks from the season of coffee with our Steeped Gift Box, which contains 14 steeped bags - in this rare Gift box, both coffees are of the coveted Geisha varietal.

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7 x Daisy Acevedo, Colombia
7 x Cerro Azul, Colombia

About this bundle

Experience two Geisha coffees from this season in a simple and elegant gift box, which contains 14 steeped bags, ready to brew.

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Gift box

Two Geisha-coffees from our selections for Steeped, both from this years Colombian harvest, available as a gift box. 

The Gift box contains 14 Steeped bags, a simple and elegant way for us to present a selection of the coffees we find most exciting, removing many brewing variables, and allowing quality and character to shine.


Just add filtered water to enjoy one of our picks of the season.

Steeped bags are a simple and elegant way to present a selection of the coffees we find most exciting, removing many brewing variables, and allowing quality and character to shine.

Individual doses are ground and sealed in nitrogen-flushed packages, maintaining the clear aromatic character of freshly ground coffee, for over a year after roasting.

Daisy Acevedo

This lot of washed Geisha is our first purchase from Daisy Acevedo’s project El Encanto, but the Acevedo family are familiar faces at La Cabra. El Encanto has been planted with seeds from Daisy’s father’s farm in La Celia, where we’ve purchased coffee in the past. 

This washed Geisha delivers bright and complex lemongrass and jasmine florals, while the crisp citrus in the cup is just a little tighter, cleaner and better balanced than what we experienced in Gustavo’s coffee 4 years ago. We’re grateful to our partners at LaREB for their transparency in enabling our relationship with the Acevedo family, and hope to follow Daisy, Freddy and Gustavo in the coming years.

El Encanto

Cerro Azul

Café Granja La Esperanza’s iconic Cerro Azul Geisha; showcasing soft floral aromatics, followed by a rich berry jam character in the cup. This incredible quality of raw material has to be treated with great care at each further stage, in order to preserve the potential created in the field. Luckily the team at Cafe Granja La Esperanza consistently take care of these stages of the process with aplomb. 

This lot first goes through 36 hours of fermentation in open tanks, often in cool conditions high on the farm, before being transported down the mountain to the La Esperanza farm for drying, first in mechanical driers for 48 hours, then finishing slowly and evenly on raised beds over approximately 4 weeks. This leads to a flavour profile with enhanced sweetness and soft fruit notes, while maintaining the floral character of the varietal. This lot has soft violet florals, followed by complex berry jam in the cup.

Café Granja La Esperanza