Welcome to La Cabra X K.H. Würtz ceramics

Welcome to La Cabra X K.H. Würtz ceramics - a new coffee aesthetic

Over the past two years @khwurtz has supplied our cafés with mesmerising ceramics. Now we are ready to take this collaboration to the next level and introduce a unique piece that has emerged from a joint obsession with quality - a ceramic vessel that will elevate your coffee drinking experience. The first batch is highly limited and only 100 cups have been made available at a unique discount to new coffee subscription customers. 
Sign up now and get the K.H. Würtz cup (120 ml) and 2x250g coffee for only 319DKK (€42,90 / $47,80)
After your first shipment the subscription will continue at a price of 219 kr. pr. shipment

K.H. Würtz is comprised of Aage and Kasper Würtz, a father and son who have devoted considerable time and attention to becoming skilled ceramicists since the 1970s. Drawing on decades of experience the team produces some of the finest hand-crafted pieces in the world in their studio in Horsens, Denmark. Utilizing a 21st-century Nordic aesthetic combined with a deep respect for ancient wheel-turning and glazing methods, father and son have produced beautiful pieces available at some of the world’s finest establishments, including NOMA in Copenhagen.

See the coffee cups here