Welcome to another year of brightness in coffee

Welcome to another year of brightness in coffee

We will continue our endeavours to source and roast some of the changing season’s most interesting and flavorful coffees. We hope you have enjoyed our subscription program so far, and we want to thank you for your membership once again. 

We have started to prepare a season that will include many new discoveries as well as a couple of favourites. We will be highlighting both thought-provoking as well as straight out delicious fruits from fantastic and cutting-edge producers from all over the world. We are looking forward to present the most interesting lot that we have ever tasted from Brazil; to revisit one of our most acclaimed coffees from Colombia, and to surprise our members with at least five rare nano lots. 

We wish you a good start to the year of 2018.

Stay bright and curious
Esben Piper, Founder


This month’s subscription box comes with two distinct microlots from Colombia – a Caturra coffee from Quindío and a Pink Bourbon coffee from Huila.

The Pink Bourbon coffee in front of you comes from the hands of Rodrigo Sanchez, owner of the Monteblanco farm in Huila, Colombia. The washed coffee was grown at 1730 masl, on a part of the farm where only Pink Bourbons are grown.

Rodrigo Sanchez has spent half his life in specialty coffee. Like many farmers in the past, he would work the soil and process his green coffee without a proper understanding of what buyers wanted. That changed in 2002 when he took advantage of a local opportunity to about coffee cupping. From then on Rodrigo, along with his father and grandfather, started to pick farming techniques with a view towards improving cup profile. Over the years, Rodrigo and his grandfather concluded that some of the best-performing coffees from the farm originated from a single varietal introduced decades ago to stave off a coffee leaf-rust outbreak. Thus began a quest to isolate and plant Pink Bourbons on three of the farm’s 18 hectares, only this time not because of a fungus outbreak, but because the taste notes had proved to be superior. The coffee in front of you is the result of the family’s endeavours to isolate and optimise microlot production, and to bring you a high-quality Pink Bourbon.

The Caturra coffee in this shipment comes from Hacienda San Alberto, located at around 1650 masl in Buenavista, Quindío, the smallest city in Colombia’s smallest department in the very south of the country. The soil is predominantly volcanic and the area has a stable temperature between 18-23 degrees Celsius year-round.

Juan Pablo Villota’s grandparents began acquiring land for the farm in 1972 and first named it La Alsacia. They later renamed it San Alberto in honour of their deceased son. In 2006 Juan Pablo and his brother Gustavo became involved and moved farm practices ever towards specialty grade. The brothers developed better quality controls and implemented practices they had learned from French wine producers to reach higher production standards.

Along the way microlots were also introduced, including the La Alsacia lot, which takes its name from when the grandparents first began producing coffee. The lot was harvested from the central part of the farm, located at an altitude around 1650 masl. At this spot temperatures remain stable thanks to warm winds that make their way up from the valley below, and thereby prevent temperatures from falling considerably during night-time.

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