Coffee plays a big role as it is how we finish the meal experience

'Coffee plays a big role as it is how we finish the meal experience. So it is extremely important that the meal ends in the best spirit and with a coffee that shares the same high level as the rest of the menu’

- René Mammen

Wholesale Story

- René Mammen

Over the years we have had the pleasure of serving Louise & René Mammen during their visits to La Cabra in Aarhus. They are vastly experienced restaurateurs and passionate owners of Michelin starred restaurant Substans. With René as head chef they place a heavy emphasis on taste, craftsmanship and working with the best organic local produce. This above all allows for the quality of taste to speak for itself in all the food they present.

In summer 2018 we sat down with Louise & René and tasted a number of our seasonal lots. We shared our thoughts on the importance of quality raw material and maintaining simplicity in the art of executing our respective crafts. We started to explore how we could collaborate on implementing and maintaining a coffee program. Organically we were lead to sharing more knowledge about coffee, insights from farming practises, roasting and how exact flavours are derived in the final cup. We assisted in establishing more specific brew recipes and training of basic brewing technique. All of which was upheld by a strong consideration of the importance of consistent and precise brewing water to manifest the characteristics and taste of a coffee. With consultation from Pentair we employed a Claris Prime with an additional soften to filter and lower the ppm of their brewing water. Now with ‘water’ the most significant and often neglected variable in restaurant coffee brewing under control. Substans are brewing and serving filter coffee to the same high standards and quality found in modern coffee bars around the world. Continuously we provide ongoing guidance and assistance in selection of two seasonal lots to be served at the end of each service to their guests.

Next chapter for Substans

At La Cabra we look forward to seeing the next chapter of Substans, as they relocate to the new Pakhusene Etape 2 location in Aarhus Ø. Rene is planning for the new space to be where they can succeed with all the projects and ideas they look to implement. It will be a natural upgrade in terms of both on location and view for a talented team.

If you want to know more about our collaboration with Substans or our Wholesale program please contact us at: or +45 29 83 04 11

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