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Nkonge and Daterra subscription box

At La Cabra we continue to work with some of the most innovative coffee people around the globe year after year.

Long Miles works with and processes coffee for more than 5.000 individual farmers across several hillsides in Burundi. Life on Nkonge hill has a distinct stillness - one can walk for stretches on this green carpeted hill without seeing anyone. Dirt roads cut into the hill’s slopes, revealing panoramic views of banana trees and lush tea plantations. The hill’s relatively high elevation (around 2.000 masl) also fosters a harder, slower growing. Natural springs wind their way out of the hillside, providing the soils with all the required water. And farmers grow coffee tress alongside patches of onions, tea, wheat, cabbage, maize, cassava and peas.

This stillness was not always the norm at Nkonge. The most recent civil war in Burundi brought great losses. Many farming families that fled returned to Nkonge hill only to find that their land had been divided or taken over by someone else. Dedicated engagement work by Long Miles’ coffee scouts Minani and Thierry, has meant that farmers are now slowly rejuvenating their land and are once again producing wonderful coffees. These scouts are also working hard to motivate young people to take an interest in coffee - their vision is to form a youth association that can help farmers source land to start their own farms.

Expect taste notes of dark berries and ripe red currants, and a caramelized sweetness of light brown sugar. The finish has a touch of citric sorbet and a creamy lingering mouthfeel reminiscent of chocolate truffle.

The Brazilian coffee in this subscription box comes from Daterra. Known for pushing the limits of specialty coffee in Brazil, Daterra consistently produces delicious taste sensations. This pulped (semi-washed) coffee retains floral and citrus notes when the cup is first broken. In the taste, the cup develops a sweet citrus-like acidity, and a body full of sweet mandarin, rich dark chocolate and caramel. The finish is filled with high notes of sweet fruits and bittersweet chocolate.

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