‘I'm so happy to be the crazy one that works day and night because I believe in the product and approach of La Cabra. What's better than that for a customer?! All this time and effort we put into ACID has only one goal: bring it to the people so they can learn and enjoy coffee the way we do.’

- Fede Graciano

Wholesale Story

- Fede Graciano

A unique soon to be opened Madrid cafe caught our attention in late 2017 which lead to many emails and finally a proud exclusive partnership. At that time Fede Graciano was already well on the way to opening his version of a modern coffee bar in Madrid. A beautiful dialogue developed as we shared stories from our experiences with running coffee bars, the importance of building trust with customers and an unwavering focus to maintain quality in taste without compromise.

Fede is the owner of ACID in Madrid, a city with a rich history and strong traditions in food and drinks. The coffee culture like in most of Southern Europe is rich however some might argue that the development of modern coffee has been rather slow. Daily Fede and his team are challenging these traditions when presenting our bright seasonal lots and sharing the unique stories behind our coffees to the locals of Madrid. Before opening ACID he had studied visual arts and worked as a photographer and Director of Photography for 9 years. This career path allowed him to see how specialty coffee was taking shape in different cafés and cities from Los Angeles to Berlin and London. A mixture of circumstances led him to rethink all of this. After being tired of having to walk too far for a decent cup of coffee and inspired by all the things he had seen and learnt from other cafés he decided to look for a good location within his neighbourhood of the city to open ACID.

‘I try to create a unique space with few elements, attention to detail, less is more kind of philosophy, to let the customer focus more on the coffee and food we serve.’

- Fede Graciano

A unique space

Attention to detail and a minimalist approach led ACID into a unique space as a modern coffee bar. A streamlined bar, raw exposed walls and a bright addition of plant life creates a warm and focused setting to enjoy coffee, along with an innovative food menu focusing on seasonality and a fermented spin on classic cafe food. It’s also important to Fede to have a space where his friends and likeminded people can come and chat, have a coffee, learn more about the fruit itself and enjoy good music. Collaborations with these creative people is highly sought after and brings so much life to ACID and the concept itself.

If you want to know more about our collaboration with ACID or our Wholesale program please contact us at:
wholesale@lacabra.dk or +45 29 83 04 11

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