When experimenting with iced coffee, we found it difficult not to highlight the dry and heavy characteristics of a given coffee, muddying the brighter characteristics we aim for. In this recipe we combat this, by deliberately under-extracting the coffee, dissolving less coffee into our brew than usual. This will highlight the coffee’s acidity, and bright aromatic notes, but with the trade-off of losing a little sweetness. We then add this back in with the sugar syrup, just enough to bring the coffee back into balance. We recommend starting with 2 g, but follow your tastebuds and adjust how you like. This recipe works great with high acidity coffees to create a really refreshing summer drink. Try with the Carmelo from this month’s subscription, or our other Huila lot, Jhon Wilson.


- Aeropress
- Pitcher
- Weight
- Grinder


- 23g of coffee
- 150g of hot water
- 150g of ice cubes
- 2g sugar syrup (2:1 sugar syrup)


1. Place your Aeropress upside down.
2. Add 150g of ice cubes to a pitcher.
3. Turn on the kettle with at least 150g of water.
4. Grind 23g of coffee slightly coarser than a filter setting.
5. Add the coffee to the Aeropress, put it on your scale and tare.
6. Start your time and ad 150g of hot water to the coffee.
7. Stir two times.
8. Put the filter cap on, flip the AeroPress and place on the pitcher with ice cubes.
9. You should be at 60 seconds now. Plunge for 30 seconds.
10. Add 2g of sugar syrup.
11. Done

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