How to beat the summer heat one iced coffee at a time

How to beat the summer heat one iced coffee at a time

Have fun getting creative with your coffee

This time of year provides a lot of interesting interruptions and twists on iced coffee. From a simple filter brew over ice to the more extravagant nitro or cocktail inspired creations, offering a range of cold coffee beverages is a must to beat the heat.

This week I reached out to a few people working with our coffees to get some inspiration and recipes for you.

- Dane Oliver

Mauro Lussignoli, Estratto in Brescia, Italy

Caffè freddo, 70g coffee, 1 Lt, 40 ppm water and coarse filter grind.

Mauro creates a simple 1 Lt batch of cold brew for Estratto. He prefers to use 'maceration' with steeping instead of a doing a manual brew over ice as he find it is more sweet and elegant. Plus he doesn’t need to add any sweetener and can keep the pure in coffee he strives for. He follows a simple recipe, taking the ground coffee and steeping together with room temperature water for 6 hours. When ready he filters, bottles and keeps refrigerated. Currently Mauro is getting great results with our Gatina. It’s served on ice tasting complex and refreshing with a nice acidity, dry cacao and hazelnut finish.

Paolo Panero, Bottega delle Delizie Bra, Italy

Large cold brew batch utilising the Brewista Cold Brew. 1.05 kgs coffee, 15 Lt 75 ppm Levissima bottle water. EK43 grind at 11.

Starting with a 3 Lt pre infusion in the raised inner basket in a Brewista Cold Brew. Paolo then lowers the basket and adds the remaining water. The batch is left to steep for 24 hours at temperature of 12/14 degrees. Afterwards the batch is bottled and kept in the fridge at a temperature of 3.5 to 4 degrees. Paolo used Gishubi, Burundi with two months resting after roast. He serves it ‘smooth’ or with the addition of tonic water. Served smooth he adds only ice made with Levissima water. With Fever Tree tonic water, he mixes 100g of cold brew with 100g of tonic water. The result is a beverage with fine and elegant body and with an almost spicy finish. There were hints of wild berries up to a sugary finish and given the result he decides to not add any other sweetener.

Linus Köster, Tornqvist in Hamburg, Germany

Nitro Coffee brewed with Toddy Cold Brew System and Mini Keg. 90g coffee, 1 Lt, 40 ppm water. EK43 grind 10

Linus likes to use the Toddy to brew and finds it best to use two paper filters. He adds all the ground coffee, brews with room temperature water and leaves the coffee steeping for 12 hours. When ready the coffee is filtered and then transferred to a mini keg. Check out iKegger for a range of mini kegs ranging from 2 to 10 Lt. These kegs allow easy introduction of nitro to coffee in the keg, are simple to clean and use over and over again. Linus recently brewed this recipe with our Las Margaritas XO, flavours of ripe strawberry and dark chocolate in the finish pair amazingly with the creamy texture from the nitro.

Do you have a good recipe? Get in touch and share it with me!

- Dane Oliver


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