Head Roaster Brooklyn, New York

Our new Brooklyn-based location is seeking an experienced coffee roaster to lead up our US-based roasting activities. The Head Roaster will be directly responsible to our Head of Coffee, mainly based in Denmark.

The primary responsibility for this position will be to roast and quality-control coffee at the LC Roastery. The Head Roaster is additionally responsible for promoting a hard-working and positive work environment, and will be managing a small, but growing, logistics operation. We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about speciality coffee, willing to work hard for sustained periods of time and be patient with others. Additionally, the ideal candidate will possess great communication skills, be organised, detail-oriented and trustworthy. The candidate will help upper management represent the company and brand to US-based clients.


• Roasting coffee to order each day.
• Logging data for each roast.
• Maintaining roast profiles.
• Cupping coffee and understanding the quality control as set forth by the Head of Coffee. 
• Assessing cup quality quickly and effectively, as demanded from a skilled coffee taster.
• Assisting in organizing and cleaning the roasting and green coffee workspaces.
• Maintaining all equipment and tools used during day-to-day operation of the roastery.
• Calculating required roast volumes, based on a proper understanding of green coffee weight loss.
• Familiarity with the following machinery and software: Ikawa, Agtron or similar, Sinar or similar, Cropster or similar.
• Understanding coffee logistics.
• Management of a small team focused on coffee shipment to clients.

 Professionalism and attitude

• Ability to lead others by example.
• Setting a positive example and helping to develop a work culture encased in healthy team management, inclusive problem solving, and openness to new ideas and initiatives
• Openness to criticism and feedback from colleagues.
• Ability to think critically and independently without constant direction from upper management.

Work hours

• Ability to work full time, mainly between Monday and Friday, but flexible hours can occur.


• US work permit is required.
• A valid drivers license is required.

Please send your resume via email to Mikkel@lacabra.dk