Danish Coffee Festival 2020

La Cabra Coffee at the Danish Coffee Festival 2020

We are excited to join with our Danish coffee industry peers and some international coffee friends to be a part of the Danish Coffee Festival 2020. The festival will take place across three days at Marketenderiet in Valby. We will of course present many delicious bright seasonal lots for you to taste. During the days it is also be a pleasure to introduce to two overseas friends who will be joining us for the weekend.

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12.30 TO 13.00

An introduction to peak water with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is the founder of Colonna Coffee, co-author of Water for Coffee, and author of the Coffee Dictionary. Maxwell will join us to help launch the Peak Water filter, for which we are the official Danish reseller. We are excited to host Maxwell, and to introduce what we feel is one of the most significant new products in the pursuit of better quality coffee. Click below to see our pre Danish Coffee Festival launching Peak Water with Maxwell.

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12.00 TO 13.00

Sustainability in Colombian coffee with Herbert Peñaloza

We also welcome back to Denmark coffee producer and community organiser Herbert Peñaloza who will talk about sustainability from the perspective of Colombian coffee producers, and share his thoughts on how we might improve communication with coffee lovers. Herbert will also share samples of this season’s harvest, exported and sold under the community owned and controlled banner of La Real Expedicion Botanica (LaREB).