Christmas Special

Christmas Special

In the run-up to Christmas, we are giving our subscribers a small gift: some very rare lots of coffee. This month you will receive two coffees as normal (1x250g (8.8oz) box and 1x100g (3.5oz) box), but they will remain secret until the moment you open your pack...

We often discuss the importance of varietal, process and terroir on the final cup, but these are difficult to completely separate. We discuss the effect of local varietals on the coffees grown in particular countries, but as these varietals are almost exclusively grown in their native countries, it is difficult to isolate their effect on the final cup. However, some trailblazing producers have begun planting these hallowed varietals in small experimental quantities on the other side of the world, examining their reaction to wholly different conditions, and the effect on the final cup.

This month we will present these experimental lots, alongside their counterpart from the varietal’s homeland. An exercise in the effect of terroir on characterful varietals...

A study of terroir and varietal

We believe these experimental lots are successful in showcasing their varietal character in wildly different terroir from their home country. We hope you get to relax and enjoy these coffees over Christmas, and look forward to sharing more coffee experiences with you all in the New Year.

Stay bright and curious - John Gibson

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Here at La Cabra, we’re looking forward to a busy Christmas period. Our roastery is always busy this time of year, and we are starting to prepare for arrivals from Burundi and Brazil. We are also heading to Prague next week, for the opening of a new concept Mazelab, from our friend Jackie and the team from Cafefin. Our founder Esben is preparing a sourcing trip to Kenya, one of our favourite origins, but one of the most difficult to operate in as a green buyer. It is difficult to achieve true transparency, and working around the auction system to achieve this can be a great challenge.

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La Cabra is a modern coffee roastery based out of Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. Every month we ship out two unique coffee experiences and provide insight into how these coffees were grown and processed by talented producers.

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