Coffee Bundles

With Array, we offer a wider look at where La Cabra is right now. Array always contains the archetypal La Cabra coffees, those that we have bought year after year from close partners, the coffees that we ourselves love to drink most every day.


Steeped Coffee

Seasonal coffees are individually dosed, ground, and sealed in nitrogen-flushed ready-to-brew bags, maintaining the clear aromatic character of freshly ground coffee for over a year after roasting.

Ready To Brew

Vinces de Los Ríos

Our new cacao is from the Vinces de Los Ríos region in Ecuador, and showcases floral citrus atop a lush base of fig and butterscotch. Also available as Ground Chocolate for making hot chocolate at home, the way we serve it in our cafés.

Ecuador Cacao

Hot Chocolate

After years of searching for a high quality hot chocolate to serve in our own cafés, we finally have the opportunity to create our own, using cacao sourced and roasted by La Cabra. We recommend a 1:7 ratio of Ground Chocolate to your favourite milk or plant-based alternative.

Vinces de Los Ríos